Documents from our meetings can be found below:
May 28 2015 Meeting agenda, minutes, webinar video
Mar 26 2015 Meeting agenda, minutes, webinar video
Jan 29 2015 Meeting agendaminutes, webinar video
Nov 27 2014 Meeting agenda, minutes, webinar video
Sept 25 2014 Meeting agenda, minutes, webinar video
Sept 25, 2014 Meeting agenda, minutes, webinar video
April 24 2014 Meeting agenda, minutes, webinar video
June 26, 2014 Meeting agenda, minutes, webinar video
May 29, 2014 Meeting agendaminuteswebinar video
Mar 27, 2014 Meeting agendaminuteswebinar video
Jan 30, 2014 Meeting agendaminuteswebinar video
Nov 28, 2013 Meeting agendaminuteswebinar video
Oct 24, 2013 Meeting agendaminuteswebinar video  

Social Media Presentation by Manal Kleib for May 29, 2014 meeting
Standardized Nursing Languages by Manal Kleib for Nov 27, 2014 meeting
Educational session by Manal Kleib for Mar 26 2015 meeting
Provincial Terminology presentation by Sharilyn Kmech for May 28 2015 meeting

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  1. Just tried to connect to the lunch and learn meeting now. Has it been canceled?


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